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Mini Mesh Nebulizer Handheld Portable Inhale Ultrasonic Automizer

Mini Mesh Nebulizer Handheld Portable Inhale Ultrasonic Automizer

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Hands-free Mesh Nebulizer, Smaller, lighter, and more convenient

Very light weight, Hands-free, Ultrafine Atomized Particles, No noise, Exquisite appearance .

Smaller, lighter and more convenient - The product weighs only 42 grams and is small in size

Hands-free wearing and use. Hands-free wear, no need to hold it in your hand, you can also use it while lying down.

The atomized particles are fine and the absorption is faster. The median particle size is about ≤2.5μm. The atomized particles are fine and easy to absorb.

Working noise is close to 0 decibels. In our quiet enclosure with a minimum of 39 decibels, the measured data is39 to 41 decibels, equivalent to the sound of a bee flapping its wings.

Nature-inspired exterior styling. A nature-inspired look that's more lively and intimate.

Precise and scientific structural design. The scientific and precise design of the internal structure makes the product smaller and more convenient to use.

Mobile phone OTG power supply can be used. Use mobile phones with OTG power supplies. Can be atomized when using mobile phones. Android phones that need to have OTG functions. Apple mobile phone does not support.

External power supply, the product is lighter. External power supply, can use a mobile phone adapter (the product does not come with a power adapter), USB socketPower bank, battery box or mobile phone with OTG power supply, etc.

Detachable medicine cup for easy cleaning. The medicine cup adopts a split design, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning or replacement.

Three sets of aerosol inhalation kits. The product is equipped with one adult mask, one child mask and one atomizing inhaler.

One key to open, easy atomization. No complicated operations are required, just one click to start atomization.

The atomization rate is balanced and does not remain. Atomizes evenly at a rate of 0.25ml per minute for better absorption Anti-residue cup body design, low residual amount of liquid medicine.

Complete product list. The full set of products includes: one host (one medicine cup), two inhalation masks,1 nozzle,1 OTG interface, 2 rubber ear wires, 1 power cord, product description, Instruction manual, color box packaging.


    1. Handsfree when use, Light weight, Easy to carry

    2. Finely atomized particles

    3. Fast atomization speed

    4. Low noise and mute

    5. A small amount of liquid remains

    6. Two atomization modes

    8. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials

    9. Independent movable components

    7. The indicator flashes to remind

    10. Automatic shutdown function


    Product Description:

    Liquid medicine residue: ≤0.1mL

    Atomization speed: ≥0.25ml/min

    Atomized particles: about ≤2.5μm

    Medicine cup capacity: minimum about 0.5mL maximum 8mL

    Noise: ≤50dB (A)

    Working frequency: 110KHz±10%

    Power consumption: 2.0W

    Power configuration: DC5V/1000mA USB power cable

    Material: ABS+PP

    Product size: 55*68*45mm

    Package Included:

    - 1 x Nebulizer

    - 1 x Adult mask

    - 1 x Child mask

    - 1 x Mouthpiece

    - 1 x Dust cover

    - 1 x USB Power connector

    - 1 x English user manual

    - 1 x OTG interface

    - 2 x rubber ear wires

    - 1 x Color box


    Product Specifications:

    Feature: Quiet

    Suitable for: Kid / adult

    Power Supply: USB cable

    Model Number: JZ-492E

    Medical Cup Capacity: 0.5mL-8mL

    Atomizing speed: 0.25ml/min

    Atomized particles: 2.5μm

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