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Mini WiFi Security Camera | Mini Camera 1080P/2K HD

Mini WiFi Security Camera | Mini Camera 1080P/2K HD

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Use the smallest wireless security camera from a phone with a built-in battery to protect your house and loved ones!

Our WIFI Security Camera features a small size which makes it easy to carry around and hide anywhere. You can easily place the wireless camera in plain sight and the intruder will not notice.

The Video & Audio security camera meets all your surveillance needs. You get alerts with snapshots on your phone whenever motion is detected. Great as nanny cam, mini video rcorder, home securiy camera and much more.

1080p Full HD Wireless Micro Camera is only 4.5 x 1.3 x 4.5 cm, very convenient to use at home, office, or be carried with you anywhere.

Security Cameras are great to take videos and photos without attracting any attention. Keep your loved ones safe and monitor your house or business even in your absence. Nanny cam completely Security, easy to carry, 1080P HD quality, real time video audio recording and viewing.


Built-In Battery -The surveillance camera has a built-in 200mAh battery, that allows you to record HD videos up to 60 minutes. For longer recordings, please plug the camera to a power source via the included USB cable. 

With / Without WIFI - The mini wireless camera can record directly by simply inserting a memory card in the absence of WiFi (record up to 20days with 128Go TF card).

FULL HD 1080P security Camera - Shoot HD videos with clear sound quality and enjoy real time viewing on your phone remotely from anywhere in the world.

150° Viewing Angle - Captures details clearly and give you a greater scope of view on everything that’s happening in the room.

AI Motion Detection Alert - Our small surveillance camera is able to differentiate people from other moving objects. It sends you instant alerts with video clips to your smartphone when human activity is detected.

Infrared Night Vision Mode - No obvious red lights to give away that you are recording in darkness. The camera has two 940nm lamps for a security recording at night. IR-CUT, activate/deactivate the night vision automatically, upon the ambient environment change.

Wireless Monitoring - Connect the surveillance camera to WIFI and watch real-time pictures through app wherever you are. One camera can support multiple users and one app can support multiple cameras simultaneously.

Quick Plug & Play - Just charge the IP camera, insert a SD card, one-click to start recording video, one-click to activate/deactivate motion detection.


  • 1 x Smallest Wireless Surveillance Camera
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable 
  • 1 x   Magnetic Rotation Mount
  • 3 x Metal Sticker
  • 1 x Card reader
  • 1 x User Manual 


  • App: Little Stars
  • Operating System: Android/IOS
  • TF card: support 8GB-128GB (Choose your Bundle)
  • Battery: 3.7V, 200mAh.
  • Recording Video Format: AVI
  • Video Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Lens: 12MegaPixel
  • Size: 4.5 x 1.3 x 4.5 cm
  • Net Weight: 60g


Step 1: Download the Little Stars app from the App Store or Google Play.
Step 2: Press the ON/OFF button about 3 seconds to turn on the camera.
Step 3: Connect the camera's wifi network in your smartphone.
Step 4: You can use a wifi connection with the phone (via the router) for remote control wherever you are. Or use the camera's built-in Wi-Fi access point to connect directly with your smartphone.

Step 5: You can remotely view live video through the App.


Can you watch live from your computer/phone or do you have to take the SD card and watch the recording from it?
          Yes, absolutely! Our Camera has a built-in 2.4hz WiFi connection that you can connect to the free app. You can also take out the SD card to manually view your recordings.
Can I see live feed on my phone and could i zoom in? do i need to pay for an app?
        Yes, you can. And you don’t need to pay for APP, it is free
What kind of memory card does it support?
       You need to buy a micro SD card. There is no SD card in this product
Does it work without SD card?
       Yes, the security camera will show show real-time videos, just connect the app
Can you hear what people are saying in the room ?
       Yes the mini camera records audio.
How does it do in the dark?
       You do NOT need to turn on the night vision mode on the APP. it has integrated infrared lamp so no worries about it being noticed.
Can you watch from another location with Wi-Fi?
        Yes absolutely. Remote View + Control from any iOS/Android device via your phone.
Does it make any clicking noise when motion is detected?
         No, it does not have noise, but the push alerts is sent to the phone it is connected to.
How long does the battery last?
          The battery allows 1h of continuous HD video recording - if longer recording time is needed, please plug the camera a power source (Ideally power bank).

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