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Neck Stretcher Cervical Traction Device

Neck Stretcher Cervical Traction Device

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Relief The Stress & Pressure Of Neck Pain.

Starting to feel a little stiff and sore lately? Neck pain is no joke, but that's where Neck Stretcher comes in. It provides gentle cervical traction therapy to relieve the pain, as well as improve your posture. Great for both long-term and temporary relief for neck tension, this product can be used at home with absolutely no hassle.

We all know that with most individuals, neck pain is caused by poor posture. Poor posture is caused by sitting too much and stretching too little. When you spend a lot of time bending your neck forward, you put a lot of pressure on your spine and the surrounding muscles.

By maintaining your body and actively using the Cervical Traction Device, you no longer have to suffer from neck pain. Our neck brace restores and maintains the physiological curve of your neck. Simultaneously, it stretches the muscles around the neck and shoulders. You can adjust the strength of the treatment with the hand pump and spin button.

As a multiplicative effect,  using the Cervical Traction Device will reduce stress, improve the blood flow in your neck and restore the natural cervical curvature of your neck.

Fast Neck Pain Relief!

Neck, shoulder, head, and cervical vertebrae discomfort can be relieved without the use of drugs. Additionally, it aids in enhancing blood flow to the brain and vertebral artery.

Ergonomic design!

The ergonomic V-shaped design enhances the cervical spine's natural curve and increases wearer comfort.

One-size-fits-all Cervical Neck Traction Device: Adjustable height from 3.2" to 6.0" allow symmetrical traction of different spinal curvatures. Our latest Cervical Traction Device has two knobs, the front knob adjusts the height of the neck brace, and the rear knob adjusts the tightness.

Breathe Comfortably

This neck brace's broad opening design allows for optimal airflow. It is portable and does not obstruct the throat's ability to swallow or the respiratory system's ability to breathe. It is robust and wear-resistant thanks to the Velcro hook and loop fastening. To make the tightness more comfortable for you, it is simple to modify.

Wear it Clean and Hygienic

The neck receives the best care from thick, high-density absorbent cotton. Since the sponge and flannel are made of such soft material, they exert little pressure when they come into contact with the skin. It provides you with extreme comfort without any hassle, far from the soggy and stuffy cloth.


Material: PP, POM, ABS+PC, sponge, fleece cloth, edge cloth.

Product color: White, Blue

Height Level: 6 Adjustable Height Levels

Package Content

  • 1 x Cervical Traction Device
  • 1 x Air Pump
  • 1 x User Manual

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