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Portable Power Station 268Wh LifePO4

Portable Power Station 268Wh LifePO4

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The power station uses premium LiFePO4 battery that offer 10 years longer lifespan. Extends the battery lifespan by 6× more than the standard lithium Ion batteries.

Size Like A Lunch Box

Reduces volume by 30%,easy to carry.Small size, with a carry handle design makes the camping power bank really portable, easy to hold and walk.

Find More,Use Less

Enjoy exploring,enjoy saving.For energy saving, the intelligent cooling system will only automatically turn on when the power station is hotter than 140℉ to cooling the unit. Low noise, even if used all night, and you can sleep soundly.

Recharge Anywhere

No harm to car battery.

Applicable to Medical Instruments

Does not Support Blender,Kettle,Electric Grill

What You Get

You will receive 1* CTECHi GT200-320Wh Portable Power Station, 1* AC Wall Charger, 1* Car Charger, 1* Car Charger Connector,1* User Manual. CTECHi offers sincere 24*7 customer service. We are committed to improving our products to enhance our customers' experience. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

Power Outages without Worry

Small in Size

Innovative LiFePO4 Battery

MPPT Technology

With 105W Dual-way quick recharge technology, the electric generator can be fully charged within 3.5 hours by using PD60W and AC (45W) simultaneously. You can also charge the portable power station through AC Adapter, DC(with cigarette lighter) Input, PD mode and solar panels (open circuit voltage should be below 28V) alone.

Small in Size,Easy to Carry Around

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