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Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter Wrist

Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter Wrist

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Wearable Sleep Monitor Watch: Soft silicone ring sensor put no pressure on your finger without slipping from it while ensuring accurate measurements. Continuously monitor your blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and body movement during sleep all night.

Comfort Patented Ring SensorPatented soft silicone probe with infrared sensor and built-in high performance & low power consumption chip for more accurate data acquisition and computation.

Smart Alarm Function: The value on screen will flash and give auditory alarm when abnormal SpO2 or pulse rate is detected. Users can set the threshold value of the SpO2 and the range value of PR in the APP page, then when the actual measuring data exceeds the preset value, the pulse oximeter will give the above alarm to remind you.

Data Storage & Share With Free Android / IOS APP: Download our specialized App and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, all history measuring data(PR, PI and SpO2 will be stored in the App permanently for convenience of reading anytime.

Rechargeable Design to Save MoneyRechargeable lithium battery avoid the trouble of frequent battery replacement. Low-power consumption, charged 2.5 hours one time can be continuously used for 16 hours.

3-1 MultifunctionNot only used as heart rate and oxygen saturation monitor, it can also be used for counting of steps and monitoring of sleep. Suitable for home use, and outdoor sports use.

Rechargeable & Bluetooth Finger Pulse Oximeter

Updated Design

USB Rechargeable: No need to use dry batteries anymore to save your money.

High Accuracy: Built-in upgraded infrared sensor, with improved sensitivity, fast and accurate measurement.

Sleep Monitor: Continuously monitor your blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and body movement during sleep all night.

Free App to Record and Share Date: You can record your date on our free App forever and share your health date in excel.

Multifunction Settings: You can turn accessibility features off or on as needed, and set a range of SpO2 and PR.

Multifunction Oxygen Saturation Monitor

SpO2/PR/PI Display

3 in 1 Multifunction blood oxygen monitor, measure your spo2, PR, and PI date in 9 seconds, and synchronize to the app to display the records, helping you to monitor your health at all times.

Sleep Monitor

Automatically monitor your SpO2 when you sleep, if the concentration is lower than the set value, it will vibrate to remind you.

Step Counter

You can use it to count steps during outdoor exercises.

Record & Analyze & Share Health Date

Record health date: Click your avatar and choose "health date", you can see all record overtime.

Analyze health data: All data will automatically generate a line chart, allowing you to clearly and intuitively feel the trend of data changes.

Share health date: Choose "health date" and see the detail, you can click "share" to send your health data to your doctor in excel.

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