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Swabio Ear Sticks - For really clean ears!

Swabio Ear Sticks - For really clean ears!

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The alternative to harmful cotton swabs

Fast, Easy, Safe and Hygienic

The Swabio ™ ear cleaner is the alternative to harmful traditional cotton swabs suitable for young and old.

Unlike traditional cotton swabs that push the earwax back further and cause blockages, the spiral head removes the earwax without pushing.

The spiral design removes wax deep into the ear canal without the risk of causing blockages or hearing damage.

Remove earwax safely and effectively

The unique spiral-shaped tips made of soft silicone removes earwax from deep in the ear canal without risk of damaging hearing or causing blockages.

Pain-free cleaning

Pain-free cleaning for even the most sensitive ears. The silicone tips are soft, flexible and made of medical grade silicone making the Swabio™ suitable for even the most sensitive ears.

For the whole family

Swabio™ comes with 16 extra reusable silicone tips so everyone in the family can use their own tips.

Good for your wallet & the environment

Unlike disposable cotton swabs, the Swabio is reusable again and again, so that this purchase pays for itself and you have extra money left over for other fun things.

Includes handy storage box

The Swabio™ comes with a handy storage box. Perfect for keeping everything organized or taking it with you on a trip.

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