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Wall-Mounted LED Light Music Boxing Machine for Kickboxing Boxing Karate Home Gym Training

Wall-Mounted LED Light Music Boxing Machine for Kickboxing Boxing Karate Home Gym Training

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For a workout that's fun and full of music, get your hands on this Music Boxing Machine! 

This revolutionary machine is the latest breakthrough in fitness-meets-entertainment technology.

Featuring an intelligent Bluetooth connection, you'll be able to connect to your own music library and rock out while you work up a sweat!

And with its ergonomic design, this boxing machine is sure to help improve your strength and coordination.

Plus, the wall-mounted display illuminates when you challenge yourself to beat different response targets.

So get ready for a unique way to stay fit and energized — with the Music Boxing Machine!

  • Two Installation Methods:

1. Picky sticker installation: Just stick the sticky stickers of double tape on the boxing equipment and walls, which are firm and easy to adjust.

2. Schiure installation: need to punch a fixed bracket on the eight -tone box and install it on the wall (with screws). It is recommended to use the first method.


  • Wide Application Scenarios:

Passionate boxing with music! When our smart boxing machine is very suitable for relieving stress, boxing at home is a good choice.

It is widely used in the training of boxing, Sanda, Taekwondo and Wing Chun Boxing.

It is suitable for beginners and professionals. It is also an indispensable partner for fitness enthusiasts.


  • Ergonomic Design:

Its cushion is made of PU leather and foam, which is exquisite and practical on the surface. It can protect your hand. Boxing wall target is strong and small, and can be installed on the wall.

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